Classic Mini Cooper red with white wheels and roof

My First Mini – Jules

I was fortunate enough to be bought a beautiful 1974 Mini Cooper for my 17th Birthday. My first Mini. I was ecstatic and I named her Jules after a girl I had a crush on at the time. It was love at first sight and I immediately went about fitting her with all of the appropriate paraphernalia. No self-respecting 17 year old mini owner could be seen with a stand exhaust for heavens sake. When the big day came I passed my driving test with zero minors and the dizzy heights of freedom were finally bestowed upon me. I had no intention of waiting patiently before abusing this new found rite so the following week my best friend and I embarked upon the most mighty of road trips. We threw a tent in the back of Jules and drove form London to Monaco and back. It was an epic 4000 mile road trip that to in 8 countries and firmly sealed the bond between man and machine.

Jules was there when I moved into halls at university, much to the envy of everyone else in the car park. My friends and would drive into town and constantly be amazed at the amount of attention she would get. Next to all the Ferraris and Aston Martins and all the wealth and extravagance of London, it was my little car that would steal the show.

My love for Jules was the inspiration behind smallcarBIGCITY. A business that started out as a crack pot idea and has accidentally provided me with a career.

This car is so much more to me than a mode of transport. It is a member of my family. I have grown up with her, met girls in her, eaten, drank, slept, kissed, cried and cruised in her.  I have owned her for 13 years now and own nice other Minis so I don’t think my addiction will cease any time soon. I will never sell her – there is simply not enough money in the world.


George and Kristine Delara Reply

Thank you Robert for showing my wife, Kristine and I the ins and outs of the great city of London! It was an amazing experience riding in Poppy, one of your Mini Cooper family members and exploring various hidden interest sites that aren’t over crowded by other annoying tourists taking countless pics of everything like myself. Your vision of giving a tourist a unique and customizable experience has definitely been accomplished! I highly recommend the 8 hour tour to anyone that is even coming close to choosing this level. Robert is very knowledgable and passionate about what he does.Congratulations again Robert!

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