Are you a classic car enthusiast with an unhealthy addiction to London? We are looking for passionate Londoners to show off the best bits of the city in our fleet of classic Minis. So if you are looking for tour guide jobs London then please get in touch.

Guides must possess unrivalled interpersonal and communication skills. If you can speak multiple languages then that is a real bonus.  Applicants should be aware that Minis are classic cars and are not as easy to drive as modern cars, therefore you should have held a full, manual, UK Drivers Licence for at least three years and have experience of driving in London.

Here are the fundamentals that you need to be happy with if you want to drive for us:

  • Applicants need to be incredibly passionate about this wonderful city and want to share your passion with others.
  • And should love driving (manual gear shift), have an unhealthy addiction to classic cars and other things motor related!
  • They will need a Private Hire Driving License which is issued by TFL. This costs over £500! (This involves a medical examination usually £60-90, criminal records check £57, application fee £124 and granting of license fee £186, and a topographic test). It takes approx 6 months to process. We pay for the entire cost as and when you are billed. The only cost you are responsible for is your medical examination to act as a small commitment to encourage you to stay with the company for at least 2 years. More info on this here.
  • Training takes approximately 6 weeks, involves a suggested reading list, three 2hr sessions in the car and is fully paid and finally, there is a 120 question quiz that you will need to get at least 80% on.
  • All jobs are optional, you sign up for as little or as much work as you like.
  • Our most popular tours are 2hrs long so a typical booking would be 4-6hrs long.
  • Your license lasts for 3 years and you would be expected to be a regular driver for at least 2 of those years.
  • This is the perfect job if you are pursuing a career in the arts or other professions that have sporadic working hours. 
  • Speaking multiple languages is a bonus.

For tour guide jobs London you cannot beat it. Please also contact us if you are a Mini owner and are interested in renting your car out to us or if you are looking to sell your Mini. All makes and models are considered.