smallcarBIGCITY Harry Potter London Tour - small Group at Claremont Square

Protect London from dark forces on our Harry Potter Hunt

Sorted into your appropriate Houses, you have 3 hours aboard your magical Mini Cooper to place a protective charm on as many of the London film locations as possible, before the Death Eaters attack!

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(per car, maximum 3 guests per car)

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About this tour

Calling all Muggles and Wizards! Come and discover a wonderful world of magic on our wondrous Harry Potter London Treasure Hunt.  The Sorting Hat will allocate you into your appropriate houses and you will be furnished with House Scarves and wands. You then have 3hrs to navigate your way around the marauders map of London, answering questions and placing protective charms on all the locations that appear in the films.  Squeeze between two buses over Lambeth Bridge, just as Harry did, but rather than traveling in the Knight Bus you will be in a restored classic Mini Cooper. See the inspiration behind Diagon Alley and where the Death Eaters threatened from above. You will see film locations featured in all of the films from the Philosopher’s Stone to the Deathly Hallows. Whether you wish to be Harry, Ron or Hermione, retrace the stars’ footsteps and recreate the famous scenes for yourself. You will finish up at Platform 9 ¾ just in time to catch the Hogwarts Express back home. 5 golden galleons for each location found and a delicious chocolate frog awaits all successful muggles!

Knight bus going over lambeth bridge harry potter tour london
smallcarBIGCITY Harry Potter London Tour - two girls at Claremont Square
harry potter tour of london red mini borough market
smallcarBIGCITY Harry Potter London Tour - Platform 9 3/4's
smallcarBIGCITY Harry Potter London Tour - small Group at Claremont Square
smallcarBIGCITY - Classic Mini Cooper hire - Car tours of London - Harry Potter Tour - David with Guests at Leadenhall Market

What’s included

  • Private, chauffeur-driven classic Mini Cooper
  • Bespoke tailor-made treasure hunt
  • Highly trained local guide
  • Discover the hidden gems that make the city so delightfully charming
  • Pick up and drop off anywhere in Central London Zone 1
  • See the actual locations where Harry Potter was filmed in London
  • Wands, glasses, scarfs and chocolate frogs
Please note: we will drop you off at Platform 9 & 3/4s in Kingscross Station so you can continue your journey to the Warner Brother Harry Potter Studios Experience in Watford should you have tickets. Tickets into the Warner Brother Harry Potter Studios Experience are not included and will need to be purchased separately and in advance of your trip with us should you so desire. We are not affiliated with WB Studios.

What to expect

We will pick you up from your central London hotel in a beautifully restored classic Mini Cooper. Over the course of 3hrs your private guide will show you the hidden gems of London and as many of the London-based film locations that feature across the 8 Harry Potter films as possible. There will be a Harry Potter soundtrack on the stereo and a Harry Potter treasure map to show you where to find the locations, along with movie clips, Harry Potter scarfs to wear and a sweet treat at the end if you manage to find more than 5 locations. You will be dropped off at Platform 9 3/4 at Kingscross Station, where you can pose for that perfect photo with the luggage trolly disappearing into the wall.

Each of our classic Mini Coopers can carry 3 passengers. You are welcome to book up to 3 minis for your group online. For groups of more than 9 people please contact us.

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