Meet Ada, named after Ada Lovelace. She is a bit of a sleeper. She has a few bells and whistles under the bonnet which means she surprises the occasional supercar in town. Her 10×6 Minilite wheels also make her impossible to catch around roundabouts. As she is a bit of a chav, she enjoys nothing more than hanging out in a Halford’s car park, day dreaming about the next mod.

 She is available for, films/photo shoots, self-drive hire and classic wedding car hire. Please note that our smallcarBIGCITY door signs are magnetic so can be removed without a trace for films, photo shoots and weddings.

Why we use classic Mini Coopers

There is nothing more iconic than a classic Mini Cooper in London. They are the perfect size for negotiating London’s tiny back streets and traffic. They are economical, easy to park, have huge windows and all of our cars have full-length sunroofs so the view out of our cars is superb. It is genuinely the perfect touring vehicle. Nothing handles like a classic Mini either. Sir Alec Issigonis ingenious design placed the engine in sideways so you have plenty of cabin space and a wheel at every corner so they handle like a go-kart. The original Mini was voted the second-best car of all time to drive, losing out only to the McClaren F1! Time to give one a go. If you need a classic Mini Hire London, then look no further.

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