Outdoor Advertising Media

Give your brand a competitive edge and use the most recognisable media in town to communicate with your audience.

About our Outdoor Advertising Media

Outdoor Advertising Media is a prolific part of every day life in London. Our iconic cars have the ability to make your brand stand out.

Mobile Advertising

This can be as simple as adding QR codes or magnetic logos onto the sides of ours cars, or as bespoke as wrapping the entire fleet in your company’s brand or logo.

Out Door Media Brand Awareness Campaigns

Using a minimum of three cars per convoy for maximum impact, the cars can be fully branded with
a trained Sales Executive in each car. Each Sales Executive will be versed in your product, your
campaign and your objectives. Stopping at high profile and high foot trough locations throughout
the day, the cars will become mobile showrooms for you to supply your target market with your
latest product. Allowing consumers to sample your latest product boasts a much higher conversion
rate for sales than standard advertising. Combining this with a viral campaign keeps your consumer
retention rate high and increases your catchment across your social profiles.

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