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Looking For Alternative Stag Do & Hen Do Ideas In London? Look no further.

Release your inner Michael Caine, don the tweed flat caps and bright blue boiler suits, stuff the gold in the boot and choose your accomplices wisely. The London Job is next.

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About this experience

It is so hard to find stag do and hen do ideas in London, so we have gone out of our way to create the most outrageous and memorable experience you can have. A fleet of classic Mini Coopers will pick you and your fellow accomplices up from anywhere in central London. The 1969 cult classic, The Italian Job, starring Michael Caine is the inspiration behind this treasure hunt experience. In the film, a group of British gangsters steals gold bullion from the Italian Mafia – we replicate this as a heist in London.

With three reprobates per motor, your firm must navigate the get-away driver through the narrow streets of London before the law gets involved! There are a number of jobs to complete within the allotted time. Without wanting to give too much away, the challenge will require you to throw caution to the wind when trying to befriend a police officer and attempt to get arrested with the bar of gold. The challenge will also take you from St Paul’s Cathedral where you will have to find a member of the public to propose too; all the way to the Leake Street tunnel where you can work on your best Banksy impression and graffiti the tunnel walls.

The ‘mob’ that works together to collect the most amount of points will win a nice bottle of bubbly (or something a little stronger should you so wish!). The result is a wonderful selection of hilarious photos of the day’s antics for you and your team to treasure. This has to be one of the best stag do and hen do ideas London has to offer!

Please note: Corporate Group Pricing is +VAT. Leisure Group Pricing is inc. VAT

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London Job Gold Features

  • Pick-up and drop-off anywhere in Central London Zone 1
  • A fleet of restored, classic Mini Coopers
  • Highly trained get-away drivers
  • Bright blue overalls for all accomplices
  • Tweed flat-caps
  • Bars of gold in every car
  • 2hr London Job Experience
  • Swinging 60s soundtrack on the stereo
  • Bottle of champagne for the firm with the greatest stash at the end


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Book your London Job Experience today for memories that will last a lifetime.

Classic car, flat caps, boiler suits, gold, champagne and a whole lot of fun!

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