Iconic red mini front tote bag

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Our fans kindly point out how brilliant our branding is with astonishing regularity! Much as we would love to take full credit for this, it is all down to one exceptional graphic designer, Tom Probert Design.

Tom was commissioned in 2015 with the task of creating a brand that managed to accurately convey our love of London, classic Minis, retro design and attention to detail into one coherent image. Taking inspiration from the original Mini factory colours and the fonts that were used by Austin and Morris on their bonnet badges, he created the most perfect visual representation of what we are all about.

The smallcarBIGCITY logo, iconic red portrait Mini and red, white and blue target roundel are now as synonymous with London as the KII telephone box, Routemaster bus and black cabs.

To celebrate Tom Probert Design and to enable you to enjoy his work first hand, we have partnered with Redbubble to create a range of products that sport his work.

So whether you fancy a tote bag or a notepad, CLICK HERE to check out our profile and grab yourself some swag.

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