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Covid-Secure Strategy

The comfort and safety of our clients and staff is our top priority. Our covid-Secure strategy puts multiple steps in place so that we are able to re-open safely and still deliver a fabulous service.


In line with government guidelines face coverings must be worn by all occupants of the vehicle at all times. If you do not have a face-covering you will not be allowed to travel. There are a few exceptions: face coverings do not have to be worn if the occupant is under 11 years of age, has a disability or medical condition that prevents safe use, requires a translator or if the vehicle has been hired for self-drive and the occupants are all from the same household or bubble.


We have digital (non-invasive) thermometers so that the temperature of all participants can be quickly and easily read. Anyone that produces an abnormal reading will not be allowed to travel. They will then be advised to self-isolate and obtain a COVID-19 test as soon as possible. Our drivers have been trained to test themselves in front of clients and to show all participants the result for further peace of mind.


We have a professional car cleaning fog machine. This vaporises the antibacterial liquid into an antiseptic smoke / fog, which then sanitises every square-inch of the car’s interior within 5 minutes of use. This will allow all participants to enter each car with the knowledge that this is the most sterile environment modern technology will allow us to create.


Hand sanitiser can be found in every car. All participants will be asked to sanitise their hands before they enter the vehicle.


Biodegradable antibacterial wet wipes are available in every car. High contact areas such as door handles, car keys, steering wheels etc. will be wiped down after they have finished being used.


Gloves are not mandatory but are encouraged should the participants so wish. Our drivers will be sporting vintage leather driving gloves that are regularly cleaned as an additional precaution.


The windows of the car must be open while occupants are inside to allow free-flowing air throughout the vehicle. Fortunately, all of our cars have full-length retractable sunroofs that allow the car to have a similar look and feel to a convertible. The most effective way to ensure quality ventilation (and great views!) is to have the roof open should the weather permit it.


Obviously, it is difficult to effectively social distance in any vehicle, let alone a Mini! All we ask is that clients stay 2 meters apart when they are outside of the vehicle and keep contact to a minimum when inside. Please default to the ‘1m+ with additional precautions’ government standard when 2 meters is not practical. We have re-written our tour routes to factor in more regular stops so that your guide can talk to you out of the car and at a safe distance.

If we all stay alert and diligently follow the covid-secure strategy guidelines set out above, we will be able to keep everyone safe. Thank you for continuing to support us and we very much look forward to welcoming you safely aboard soon.

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