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We have teamed up with the delightful people at Indytute to offer you a whole host of complementary experiences. Indytute are an event and experience website that only works with the best in the business. Not only do the sell our unique classic car tours of London, they also have a whole range of fabulous and immersive experiences that are perfect for gifting to your favourite person. Here are three of our favourite unique experiences in London:

The Footsteps of Winston Churchill Walking Tour

Winston Churchill is considered the UK’s most successful statesman and one of the world’s greatest leaders. He dominated London during WWII as he planned Europe’s defence from a bunker in Westminster.  

​No city was more central to his life than London and this tour will look at his extraordinary career and provide a glimpse of the city that he knew and loved. Visit the places where he ate and drank, find out where he bought his champagne and who supplied those world-famous cigars. Look at his London homes and the clubs he frequented while discovering where he was based during some of the most important dates in history.

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Old City Ghost Tour

Following the outline of the old City Wall where nasty things used to happen. Expect a ghostly melange of moaning plague pits, bloody execution sites, haunted prisons – and did we mention feisty femme-fatales? Will you see the mysterious apparition of the eerie black dog or the poltergeist wandering through the Viaduct Tavern?

This walk will introduce you to the spooky side of London town, which really is rather S-C-A-R-Y.   Remember don’t look back…..BOO!

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The Food Lover’s Market Tour

Uncover the stories of Saron’s vinegar, Gordon’s gin and Peek Freans biscuits.  This meander will take you through markets like Spa Terminus, which is only open to the public one day a week. As you peer into the railway arches, you will realise that this is a foodies idea of heaven. Maltby Street market is only a short walk away, so get ready to experience new flavours and rediscover old ones. Artisanal cheeses, jams, bread to die for – your tastes buds are in for a serious treat. If you haven’t been to the area before you are in for a surprise. Locals are there from the early morning stocking up on organics and epicurean delights.

Of course, this tour goes beyond bite and slice, to reveal the fascinating history behind these vibrant areas and their ties to food.

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