Classic Red Mini Hatton Garden Robery

The Hatton Garden Robbery

On the Tuesday after the bank holiday, when the jewelers of Hatton Gardens went to start what was supposed to be another ordinary day, the world quickly became aware of the the biggest diamond heist in history.  The Hatton Garden Robbery attracted news cameras from all over the country. By complete coincidence we had and Italian Job booking with a pick-up at Hatton Garden that same morning.

As three, red, white and blue, classic Mini Coopers rocked up and our guests donned the bright blue jumps suits and tweed flat caps, every camera immediately swung round and trained their lenses on our little cars! It was perfect.

The BBC where quick to take advantage of the connection so hired one of our cars to appear on Newsnight. Culture reporter Stephen Smith went on the hunt for the Hatton Garden Mob and tried to find out why as a nation we are all so fascinated by a heist.

You can watch the episode here.

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