smallcarBIGCITY Panoramic London tour - Classic Minis Coopers On the Mall


You could be forgiven for thinking that booking a classic car tour of London would be detrimental to the environment. Think again… This is our Carbon Promise.

We are determined to show off the greatest city in the world, in one of the most iconic cars ever created, without negatively affecting our planet. We do not want to simply neutralise our carbon footprint, we aim to be an overwhelming force for good, putting back more than we use and implementing environmental preservation into every facet of the business. Here’s how:

Upgraded Exhaust Systems

We have employed Long Life Carshalton Centre of Excellence to replace and upgrade the entire exhaust system on all of our cars. This involves installing modern uprated catalytic converters and back boxes which means lower emissions than they would have come out fo the factory with. Our fleet are some of the quietest and cleanest classics on the road.

Carbon Offsetting

Our journeys create approximately 15 tons of CO2 , which can be offset by planting 125m2 of native woodland each year, so we work with the Woodland Trust to plant 250m2. The Woodland Carbon project is certified under the Woodland Carbon Code which is the UK’s first government-approved carbon certification scheme. 


We use Shell V-Power Unleaded Petrol in our cars. This is the highest quality fuel you can buy that allows the engine to run more efficiently. This, in turn, generates greater miles per gallon. We buy our petrol through the Shell UK Go + App. This also generates carbon offsetting credits under the same Woodland Carbon Code mentioned above. Read more.

Water Preservation

Most chauffeur companies will valet their vehicles daily with a wet wash. This involves hoses that use thousands of liters of water a week and includes the use of chemicals during the process. We employ Dropless Mobile Car Valeters to keep our fleet spick and span. They the leaders in the UK in waterless washing.


We do not use single-use plastic wherever possible. The complimentary water we provide for our clients is in fully recyclable cartons from Radnor Hills.


We operate a paperless office. All of our legal documentation, accounts and contracts are all stored online via DropBox and Google Drive. The only paper we print are copies of our insurance, MOT and TFL licensing certificates. We are legally obligated to keep physical copies of these in each car.

Search Engines

In the office, we have switched from Google to Ecosia as our main search engine provider. Their profits go towards planting trees in the parts of the world where they need it most.

The Big Picture

The emissions produced by a classic car will never be cleaner than a modern car. However, the carbon footprint created by the building process of a new vehicle should also be considered. The average taxi or minicab will do 40,000 miles per year, so it is very important that the emissions produced are as low as possible. We are a niche tourism service provider that conversely, covers less than 5,000 miles per car per year and do not have any additional build footprint, as our cars have already been built and have now been repurposed.


The future is bright and it is electric! It is our aim to operate the first fleet of electric classic cars for hire and reward anywhere in the world. We are working closely with London Electric Classic Cars and TFL to convert a classic Mini to 100% electric and license it as the world’s first all-electric classic private hire vehicle. We are applying for funding via the Government’s Innovation Fund and approaching private investors that may be interested in the project. The new MINI E Hatch now in the marketplace so the dream would be to operate a fleet of new and classic all-electric Minis in London.

This is our Carbon Promise. We are constantly innovating our business to be as ethical as possible. We want to align ourselves with forward-thinking, progressive, British local brands that feel the same. If you are a hotelier, agent, service provider or manufacturer and you are playing your part in combating climate change, we would love to work with you. Please do get in touch.