Hen and Stag Ideas

Minis, flat caps, boiler suits and gold. Last one back to the hideout is a rotten egg.

About this tour

A fleet of classic Mini Coopers will pick you and your fellow accomplices up from anywhere in central London.  Upon arrival all participants will don bright blue boiler suits and tweed flat caps and be given their London Job Photo Challenge. Divided into teams of three with the gold stashed away in the boot, it is up to you and your team to navigate your get-away driver through the narrow streets of London on an Italian Job style heist around the city before the law get involved! You will be given a number of challenges to complete within the allotted time. Without wanting to give too much away, the challenge will require you to thrown caution to the wind when trying to befriend a police officer and attempt to get him/her to arrest you with the bar of gold in shot. The challenge will take you from St Paul’s Cathedral where you will have to find a member of the public to propose too; all the way to the Leake Street tunnel where you can work on your best Banksy impression and graffiti the tunnel walls. The team that works together to collect the most amount of points will win a nice bottle of bubbly and some chocs (or something a little stronger should you so wish!). I appreciate we might be a touch bias, but this has to be one of the best hen and stag ideas London has to offer!


  • Pick up and drop off anywhere in Central London
  • Fleet of Classic Mini Coopers
  • Get-away driver
  • Bright blue jump suits
  • Tweed flat caps
  • Bars of gold
  • The London Job Treasure Hunt Photo Challenge
  • Swinging 60s sound track on the stereo
  • Bottle of champagne and chocs for the victors

If you need any help planning your entire stag/hen weekend, please do not hesitate to ask. We have great relationships with hotels, restaurants and activity providers who can offer preferential rates not available to the public. We are a one-stop-shop for booking your next event!

Booking Info


2 Hours

Want to book less time? Please deselect some point's of interest.

Number of Minis

1 Minis - (For a maximum of 3 people traveling)


£ - (£100 per person)